The world over, nothing complements and refreshes at the end of a good meal like a great cup of coffee.

It might be drip brewed, french press, espresso, regular or decaf, but whatever the type and brewing method, coffee is often the final product to reach a diners palette.

Far too often, in far too many restaurants, the quality and character of the coffee is merely an afterthought.

Fine coffees are beginning to receive the distinction and recognition they deserve. There simply is no better way to cap off the finish of a superb meal than with a great cup of coffee.

Our key trainer Robert Hensley has worked with growers, millers, exporters, importers, roasting companies, and coffee vendors of every stripe throughout the world.

CTI’s roasting, cupping, and brewing courses make the perfect enhancement to the culinary course work of food professionals everywhere.

Let us bring to you a curriculum for understanding and experiencing the spectrum of coffee’s full potential. Students will come away empowered with the knowledge to make the best choices in selecting, grinding, and brewing coffees that are sure to please the most discerning palettes.